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Sign In Assistance
To access the Staff Portal, MyEmail, or MyFiles, you will need to log in using your assigned email login ID and password. If you are unsure of your email login ID or have forgotten your password, please click this link to request assistance.
To access the Employee Portal, you will need to use your email login ID to access the Employee Portal Login Page and your Employee ID and PIN to enter the Employee Portal. If you are unsure of your email login ID or Employee ID and Pin, please click this link to request assistance.
Computer/Browser Requirements
Configuring Your Browser
If you are using SASD Web Access Portal for the first time or you are having problems accessing, you may want to review the following requirements for your Internet browser:
On Windows
For best results, we recommend using Windows XP/2000/Windows 7 with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7, or greater to use all the Premium features of the Staff Portal.
Mozilla FireFox 3+ will work with Web Access Portal to access all the basic features.
On Macintosh OSX
For best results, we recommend using Apple Safari 3+, or Mozilla FireFox 3+ to access the basic features of Web Access Portal.
On All Computers
Enable JavaScript (enabled by default). If you disable JavaScript, Web Access Portal interface features will not operate properly.
Make sure your computer has a valid computer system date.
Set Your Browser's Security to medium or medium/low
For AOL Users
It is recommended not to use the AOL browser to connect to the Web Access Portal. To gain access to the Portal, connect normally through AOL, then Launch Internet Explorer to gain access.
Accept Cookies
Cookies are a general mechanism that allows the server side of a connection and the client side of the connection (your computer) to maintain information about a particular session.
Cookies are not used by the Sheboygan Area School District to collect marketing information or for any other purpose other than to make accessing the Web Access Portal as easy and efficient as possible.
Most browsers provide an option for alerting you when cookies are used. If this option is checked, you will see an alert dialog when using Web Access Portal. To prevent the alert dialog from displaying every time cookie information is transferred, you should disable this alert mechanism and allow our server to accept cookies.
The following instructions will guide you through the steps needed to configure these browser options. If you have questions, refer to your browser's help menu.
If using Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x and higher:
Click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
Click the Privacy tab.
Click the Edit button.
Type in the Address of the Web Site box.
Click the Allow Button.
Click OK.
Click Apply.
Click OK.
If using Mozilla Firefox 3.x and higher:
Click Options on the Tools menu.
Click Privacy.
Click Cookies.
Click Exceptions.
Type in the Address of the Web Site box.
Click OK.
Click OK.
If using Safari on Mac OSX:
Click Preferences on the Safari menu.
Click Security.
Click the Always radio button.
Click the red X to close.
Set Your Browser's Security to medium or medium/low
If using Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Click Internet Options on the Tools menu.
Click on the Privacy tab.
Click Edit in the Web Sites section.
Type in the Web Address field and click Allow.
Click OK to save, then OK to exit the internet option menu.
Close your browser, relaunch, and connect as you normally would.
Correct your computer's system date.
For Windows
Click Start in the lower left corner of the screen.
Select Control Panels (if you are using Windows XP/Vista/Windows7, select Settings and then Control Panels).
Double-click Date and Time.
Make sure the date is correct.
Click OK.
For Macintosh
Click the Apple Logo in the upper left corner and select System Preferences.
Select Date & Time under System
Check Set date & time automatically and select the appropriate time server location.
Click the red X to close the Date & Time Control Panel and exit out of the System Preferences.